Sunday, February 23, 2014

I did it! I made the snow go away!

Hi Everyone!  I did it!  I made the snow go away!

Here is a picture of me on Mrs. Migoski's driveway last week:

And here I am in the same spot seven days later:

Whoo hoo!  I rock.  Mrs. Migoski said that I shouldn't get too excited.  It is still February and winter is not over.  I did go outside without a coat on Saturday afternoon.  It felt wonderful!

I had a great time at Jump Rope for Heart.

Did you have fun?  What color popsicle did you get?  I had orange.  I love my new jump rope. Thanks Mrs. Treadway!

Here are the friends that came to visit last week:

Mia and Kit

Fall and Kit

Julia and Kit

Molly and Kit

Stella and Kit

Kit at Jump Rope for Heart
I wonder what exciting thing will happen this week?  Maybe I can go to art class.  I think I would be good with paint.  

Have a good week.  Remember to read every night.  I love to read.  My favorite book is Laura Ingalls Wilder's The Long Winter.


Parents: Summary of February 17 - 21, 2014

Well, it was almost a whole week of school.  One delay day didn't throw us off our game too much. We are now running a delay day schedule that allows all the kids to go to their special that day. Each class is shortened by 15 minutes but at least no one is left out.  

We have had a good time checking to see how many times The Star Spangled Banner had been sung in Russia during the Olympics these last two weeks.  We will check the medals count one more time this week to see how it all turned out.

Fifth grade classes talked about the pros and cons of playing the flute this week.  Next week we will talk about the clarinet.

Fourth grade classes began working on a song called Do Wah Diddy.  It is a classic song from 1963 that we will add a cup passing game to as we continue on.

Sorry third grade parents...I've started teaching Fifty Nifty to your child.  Also known as The States Song.  Prepare for several weeks of listening to your child sing the names of the states in alphabetical order.  I have a great time teaching this song every year and your child will never forget it.

Second graders are singing a song called Down Down Baby and are learning to figure out the form of a song.  Down Down Baby is an ABACAC form.

First grade kids are working on songs about frogs and how music can be about something without having any words.  Ask your child to sing Five Green and Speckled Frogs to you.  Ask him/her what changes we made to the song and why.

The kindergarten kids got to play the bass drum this week.  It can sound like thunder!

All classes celebrated Presidents' Day with a song called Hail to the Presidents.

Fourth and fifth grade choir kids were excited to get back to our regular choir schedule now that Circle the State is done.  Each group will learn 3 new songs for our May concert.

The Beethoven video of the week was Symphony #6, 2nd Movement.  The featured park was Chain O'Lakes State Park.

I don't think anyone had a popcorn party this week.  

Jump Rope for Heart was a great success on Friday.  The kids really enjoyed seeing Kit the Doll dressed up and ready to jump with her very own rope.

Remember, your child can write to Kit the Doll at  

~Mrs. Migoski

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow, Snow, Go Away!

Hi Everyone,

I want you to know that even though I am wearing my snowman dress this week that I do not want anymore snow.  Look at this picture of me on Mrs. Migoski’s driveway!  I heard that it is supposed to get warm this week.  Yes!

Thanks so much for all the Valentine cards and letters.  You guys are so nice! Here is a picture of me with everything.  I really liked the candy.  Fun Dip is my favorite.

Are you still watching the Olympics?  The last I checked we had 4 gold medals.  Germany still has the most with 7 golds.  Come on USA - we can do it!

Jump Rope for Heart is Friday.  I know we have a new schedule this week and some of you were really looking forward to playing your recorders this Friday but we will get them out soon, I promise.  Mrs. Migoski said I can come to Jump Rope for Heart day too.  Do you think Mrs. Treadway has a jump rope the right size for me?

Here are the dolls that came to visit last week:

Ally and Kit

Sadie and Kit

Jess, Kit, and Caroline

Julie and Kit

Samantha and Kit

Elizabeth, Faith, Sarah, Kit, and Cupcake

Julia, Julie, Kit, and Crystal

Gabby, Chloe, Kit, Julie

McKenna, Lily, and Kit
Make sure you do the right thing this week.  You know I'm so proud of you when you do.


Parents: Summary of February 10 - 14, 2014

Yes!  A whole week of school - all day, everyday! Now that we seem to be back on track we have a schedule change.  All specials will be on new days of the week beginning this upcoming week.  This will be the last schedule change of the year - only 12 weeks of school left.

We reviewed all four instrument families and sang about the Valentine Mystery this week.  We also checked to see how many times the Star Spangled Banner had been sung in Russia for USA gold medals at the Olympics.  Most of the week stayed steady at 2 but on Friday we saw that 4 gold medals had been earned.

Next week brings Presidents' Day and Jump Rope for Heart.  Regular specials will not meet on Friday - we will all be in the gym jumping rope for healthy hearts.  

The Beethoven video of the week was Symphony #6, 1st Movement.  The featured park was Chain O'Lakes State Park.

Popcorn parties were enjoyed by Mrs. Gayhart's and Mrs. Gray's classes this week.

Remember, your child can write to Kit the Doll at  Kit loved all the valentine cards she received on Friday.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Go Team USA!

Hi Kids,

Do you think we can go to school all week without any snow days or delays?  I hope so, I don’t like it when I don’t get to see you.  It will be spring again someday, right?

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?  I just love those little Valentine cards.  Will you make one for me?  Mrs. Migoski and I made a Valentine box for me.  The box used to have Cheezits in it.  I love Cheezits.  

Have you been watching the Olympics?  The winter games only happen once every four years, you know.  What grade will you be in during the next Winter Olympics?  How old will you be?

Dolls that came to visit last week were:
Kit and Saige

Dolly Smith and Kit

Molly, Kit, and Chloe

Kit and Kaya

Gabe, Kit, and Gabriella

Kaylee and Kit

Lacy and Kit

Kit and Nicki

Kit and Caroline
Stay warm everyone.  This winter has to end sometime.


Parents: Summary of February 3 - 7, 2014

Winter and its snow days and delay days continued. Flexibility is the lifeskill of the season. We learned about the percussion family in music this week.  Instruments that you hit or shake or scrape are in the percussion family - drums, maracas, triangles, xylophones, and gongs are all examples of percussion instruments.

Next week brings Valentine's Day and the Winter Olympics.  We will be keeping track of how many "Star Spangled Banners" (gold medals) America earns.  If you happen to be watching the Olympics with your child and see a medal ceremony, talk about how the song that is played is the National Anthem of the gold medal winner’s country. Hopefully, that song will be the Star Spangled Banner but it is great for the kids to hear the anthems of other countries too.

The Beethoven video of the week was Symphony #5, 4th Movement.  The featured park was Brookville Lake.

Popcorn parties were enjoyed by Miss Felix's class, Mrs. Kruthaupt's class, Miss Crawford's class, Mrs. Lawrence's class, and Mrs. Hensley's class this week.  

Musical review:

Ask your child to make a percussion instrument using household items.  How about one that isn’t a drum?  Percussion sounds can also be made by stomping, patting the legs, clapping, snapping, tongue clicking.  Check youtube for videos by a group called STOMP.

Remember, your child can write Kit the Doll at  She would also be happy to receive valentines on Friday.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

That Groundhog...

Hi All,

I really hope that groundhog is wrong.  I don't think I can take 6 more weeks of winter.  I was excited to get outside on Saturday.  Something is wrong when 45 degrees feels like a heat wave. Check out this picture Mrs. Migoski took at Whitewater on Saturday.  Did you go outside and play while it was above freezing?

Swan on Whitewater Lake

That doesn't look like a picture taken on the warmest day in a month should.

Did you watch the Super Bowl?  Worst...Super...Bowl...Ever.  

Can you still sing the Positive song?  Don't forget we have a school pep rally (Positive Party) this Friday.  The first graders are going to entertain everyone.

Here are the pictures of the dolls that came to visit me last week.

Kit and Madeline

Joy and Kit

Susie and Kit

Crystal and Kit
Saige, Lainey, Kit, and Rebecca

Rebecca, Delana, Kit, and Cupcake

McKenna, Irena, and Kit

Crystal and Kit

Marie-Grace, Kit, and McKenna

Kit and Saige

Kit and Daisy
Have a good week and work hard.  I'm always so proud of you when you try your hardest.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Parents: Summary of January 27 - 31, 2014

It was another week of challenging weather and schedules in music class.  We talked about the brass family of instruments this week.  K-2 sang about the groundhog and did the groundhog dance. Mrs. McCashland's class had a popcorn party on Friday.  Miss Felix's and Mrs. Wewe's classes finally got to come to music on Friday.  It was good to see them again!

Last chance for 4th and 5th graders interested in the Drum Clinic.  Forms and money are due Friday, February 7.  Additional permission slips are available in the music room.

The Beethoven video of the week was Symphony #5, 3rd Movement.  The featured park was Quakertown State Recreation Area.

Musical Review:

Ask your child to name a brass instrument. (trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba, baritone) Are all brass instruments made of brass? (yes) 
Are all instruments that are made of brass in the brass family?  (no - saxophone is a woodwind) 
Ask your child to show you how brass players "buzz" their lips to make the air vibrate in the instrument.  How does the buzzing change for high notes and low notes?

Your child is welcome to email Kit the Doll at