Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Still Love It Here but...

Hi LES Kids,

I still love it here but your weather is absolutely terrible!  I thought the weather in Pittsburgh was bad in the winter but this is crazy!  Mrs. Migoski tells me that this weather is not typical and this is just a really bad winter but I am thinking maybe I should have moved in with my sister who lives in California.  

I got my haircut last Friday.  Thanks Pam!

As you can see, I am all ready for the Super Bowl!  Yes, I know the Steelers aren't in it.  I'm hoping for next year.  I guess I'll cheer for Denver since I have a cousin who lives in Colorado.

The bad weather didn't stop several friends from coming to visit me in music class last week.  Here are the pictures:

Marie-Grace and Kit

Molly and Kit
Adelaide and Kit

Holly and Kit

Sophia, Michaela, Kit, Emily, and Rebecca

Chloe, Kit, Isabelle, and Paige

Ruthie, Kit, and Carly

Lillian, Kit, and China

Kit and Caroline
Kit and Little Lexi

Kit and Kara

Kit and Caroline

Kit and Rebecca
Julie, Kit, Kit, and Rosie
(Two Kits!)
Have a great week everyone.  Go Steelers!............
I mean Broncos!


Parents: Summary of January 20 - 24.

It was another crazy week at LES.  All the delay days meant that 4th and 5th graders did not have specials.  We will try to catch up next week.  The kids who did have music talked about the woodwind family of instruments.  Here is a picture of me (Kit) with some of the woodwinds we talked about:

From left to right:  clarinet, recorder, flute, and saxophone.  As you can see, woodwinds do not have to be made out of wood.  Basically, they are tubes with many holes that are opened or closed to change the sound.  Next week, on to the brass family and a visit from that famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil!

Parents of 4th and 5th grade students:  Don't forget about the Drum Clinic opportunity.  If your child is interested, permission forms and money are due February 7.

The Beethoven video of the week was Symphony #5, 2nd Movement.  The featured park was Brookville Dam.  

Mrs. Townsend's class enjoyed a popcorn party on Friday.  

Musical Review:

Ask your child to name a woodwind instrument and explain what makes an instrument a member of the woodwind family.  Does it have to be made of wood?  

Mrs. Ashbrook's class:  Ask your child to sing Phoebe.

Mrs. Ross' class:  Ask your child to sing Wee Willie Winkie.

Remember, your child is welcome to email me (Kit the Doll) at  


Saturday, January 18, 2014

I Love it Here!

Hi Everyone,

When I lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania I had a friend named Samantha.  Now that I live in Indiana I have new friends coming to visit me all the time!  Wait until you see all the pictures!

Kit and Julie

Kit and Paige
Sage (guitar), Kit, Alexis
Sage (ready for horse back riding)
Marie Grace and Kit
Gabby, Kit, and Ashley
Caroline and Rachel on piano bench
Kanani, Kit, and Caroline on floor
Holly and Kit

I enjoyed listening to everyone talk about the string family of instruments last week.  I wonder which family we will learn about this week?  If you could play a string instrument which one would you choose?  I would choose the harp - it is such a pretty sound!  I feel like I'm dreaming every time I hear it!

Did you notice I now have an ID badge?  Just like Mrs. Migoski!  If your doll comes to visit me she will have to wear a visitor's badge - sorry, that's the rule.

The Penguin's (34-12-2) won both of their games last week.  They play Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday of this week.  Do you think they can win all 4?  Pittsburgh doesn't have a basketball team.  I'm thinking about becoming an Indianapolis Pacers fan now that I live in Indiana. What do you think?  Are they any good?

Remember to use your patient listening skills this week.  I am an excellent listener!

Musically yours,


Parents: Summary of January 13-17, 2014

It was great to have an entire week of school.  I got to see everyone and Mrs. Migoski did some really interesting things with rubber bands.  All the classes talked about the string family of instruments.  Some classes even got to make a string instrument out of a book, rubber bands, and a stick!  Next week, the woodwind family!

In every music class, someone from the class gets to go to the computer castle and work with a program called Music Ace.  There is a great free demo of this program at

The Beethoven video of the week remained Symphony #5, the 1st Movement to give every class a chance to see it.  The featured park was Brookville Lake.

Musical Review:

Ask your child to explain what makes an instrument a member of the string family.  Is it really a string?

How many string instruments can your child name?  Were you surprised by his/her answers?  A couple of the more unusual ones we talked about were the Lyre and the Hurdy Gurdy.  The piano is also a string instrument.

Mrs. Gray's class:  Ask your child to sing Lucy Locket to you.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Are we back to school for real now?

Hi!  I hope I get to see everyone this week.  I missed everyone who didn't get to come to music last week.  That was some really cold weather!

I had a friend visit me in music class last week. Caroline and I had a good time playing hide and go seek in the computer castle!

The Pittsburgh Penguins (32-12-2) won one and lost one last week.  The loss was in overtime. Heartbreaking!  They play at home this week on Wednesday night.  Go Penguins!

Have a good week.  ~Kit

Parents: Summary of January 6-10

Three snow days and two delay days meant not very many classes came to see me in music class this week.  Mrs. Migoski and the kids talked about the string family of instruments with the classes that did have music.  Here is a picture of me with a string instrument called the ukelele. All the kids in Mrs. Hensley's class got to try it.

Mrs. Migoski showed the kids my blog.  I was a little embarrassed by all the attention.  

The Beethoven video of the week was Symphony#5 the 1st Movement and the featured park was Brookville Lake.

My email address is:
if your child would like to write to me.  Please include the child's first name and teacher's name in the email.  Example: From Lisa in Mrs. Ross' class.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

Kids:  Welcome back everyone!  I hope you had a marvelous Christmas break.  I hung out with Mrs. Migoski at her house and even had a couple of friends over!  Check out the picture of me with my friends Rebecca and Julie:

Julie, Rebecca, and Kit

I also got to go to my friend Morgan's house. Here is a picture of us:
Kit and Morgan
I just love Morgan's dark hair and bangs.  She is so cute!  

Do you know that I used to live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania before I moved to Indiana?  I am so disappointed that the Steelers are done for the season.  Thank goodness the Penguins are doing well.  Do you like hockey?

Have a good week at school.  I hope we don't have any more snow days.  I miss everyone when we aren't at school.  ~Kit


Parents:  Hi, my name is Kit and I live in Mrs. Migoski’s music room at school.  I used to live in Pittsburgh but am now a Hoosier.  Mrs. Migoski dresses me in a different outfit for school each week and I greet the kids as they come into the music room.  I have a lot of free time when the kids go home so I’ve decided to write a blog about what’s happening in the music room every week.  I hope you will check in every once in a while and find out what we are doing in music class.  My email address is if your child would like to write to me.  I will do my best to write back.  Please include his/her first name and teacher's name in the email.  Example: From Suzi in Mrs. Ashbrook's class.  Thanks!