Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break - Not so Springy.

Hi Everyone,

How was your Spring Break?  We didn't have spring-like weather here in Liberty, did we?  Mrs. Migoski and I stayed in Liberty and read lots of books, knitted, and took lots of naps.  The most exciting thing that happened during break was Shannon arrived.  Shannon is my new friend that lives in a box.  

I can't quite figure out why she is in a box.  Mrs. Migoski says it is because she is for Basket Bash but I don't know what she is talking about. Shannon and I had a good time playing at Mrs. Migoski's house all week even though Shannon couldn't come out of the box.  She looks like she is ready to go camping.

Mrs. Migoski says that someone will win Shannon at the Basket Bash and she will go to a new home. I hope she emails me once she is there.  I got to try on one of the dresses that will go with her. Mrs. Migoski's mom made it.

Don't I look pretty?  Mrs. Migoski's mom is planning to make a couple more things for Shannon too. You'll have to come to Basket Bash to see all the pretty things.  Oh yeah, she also comes with jeans and a white T-shirt just like the ones I have.

I had fun at Beach Day, did you?  Beach day, beach day is today... is still stuck in my head! 
Here are the pictures of the friends who came to visit me for the first time the week before break.

Kit and Julienne

Anna and Kit

Elsa and Kit
I wonder why Elsa is wearing a moustache?  She is so silly!

Have a good week.  Hopefully the weather will be warmer and we can all get outside this week.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Beach Day, Beach Day is Friday!

Hi Everyone,

I went on the field trip to COSI with the 5th graders last week.

We had a great time! My favorite part was the gadget section.  

Mrs. Migoski liked the butterflies made of recycled objects including several parts of a piano.

Do you see the piano keys?

The new friends that came to visit me last week were:

Kit and Goldilocks

Elizabeth and Kit

Beach day is Friday.  Let's all work hard this week so we can enjoy beach day and spring break.  Mrs. Migoski said if I am good and the weather is warm she will take me camping.  What are you going to do over spring break?


Parents: Summary of March 10 - 14, 2014

It was a busy week at LES.  Testing, the COSI field trip, the kindergarten led pep rally kept us all busy. One week left until spring break.  

I accompanied the fifth graders on their overnight field trip to the COSI Museum in Columbus, OH on Thursday and Friday.  We had a great time and I'm so glad that our students have this opportunity. The kids seemed to enjoy the Ocean exhibit and the Progress exhibit the most.  My group went to both of those areas twice.  Kit the Doll went with us.  Check the student section of this blog for pictures of Kit enjoying the museum for the next few weeks.

The fourth and fifth grade classes worked with Mrs. Brannam on the musical alphabet while I helped with the testing most mornings.  

Third graders should be able to sing from Alabama to Nevada in the states song.

Second grade sang songs about crocodiles and learned the songs that tell a story are called ballads.  Ask your child what happened in the ballad about the crocodile and the lady on the Nile River.

First graders listened to a song that tells the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff without every saying a word.  Ask your child to show you their troll face and how each of the three goats moves.

Kindergarten kids continued to work with the xylophones and Papa Bear/Mama Bear/Baby Bear songs.  We also learned the Beach Day Chant Game in anticipation of Beach Day.

Mrs. Paluch's class earned a popcorn party this week.

The Beethoven video of the week was Symphony #7, the 1st Movement.  The featured park was Potato Creek State Park.

Remember, your child can write to Kit the Doll at ucleskit at gmail dot com and a demo of the Music Ace program we use in the computer castle is available at:

~Mrs. Migoski

Sunday, March 9, 2014

I get to go on a field trip!

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited! I get to go on a field trip this week! Mrs. Migoski and I are going to go with the 5th graders to the COSI Museum in Columbus, Ohio on Thursday afternoon.  And guess what else?  We are staying the night!  I get to sleep at the museum!  I'm taking my sleeping bag.

If you are looking for me or Mrs. Migoski on Friday remember we will be at the museum.  I'm sure Mrs. Migoski will take pictures to show you next week.

Mrs. Migoski made more maple syrup.  We ate it on our pancakes on Sunday.  Yum!

The new friends that came to visit me last week were:
Kit and Madi

Kit and Brownie

Kit and Alexis
Have a great week everyone.  I had a great time wearing my jammies last week.  Don't forget to read every night so we can do something fun again next month!


Parents: Summary of March 3 - 7, 2014

Another almost complete week of school.  I am so hopeful that the wintry weather is behind us now. Next week begins the last grading period of the year and that will bring its own set of scheduling challenges.  Spring is a busy time!

This week the fifth grade classes talked about what it is like to be a saxophone player.  

Fourth graders began playing the cup game to the song Do Wah Diddy.

Third grade kids should be able to sing from Alabama to Indiana in the states song.

Second graders looked at the form of several songs in our books.

First grade kids read a book called Tuesday and listened to several songs that didn't have any words and tried to guess what animal the composer was trying to make us think of.

Kindergarteners moved to the Papa Bear/Mama Bear/Baby Bear song and played the accompanying xylophone parts.  We also created a thunderstorm in my room using a bass drum, a rainstick, and the light switch.  

Mrs. Wewe's and Mrs. Reinhardt's classes enjoyed popcorn parties this week. 

The Beethoven video of the week was the end of Symphony #6 and Chain O'Lakes State Park.

Remember, your child can write to Kit the Doll at and a demo of the Music Ace program we use in the computer castle is available at:

~Mrs. Migoski

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Okay, so the snow is back.

Hi everyone!  It's not my fault that it snowed again.  It is still winter, you know.  

Do you know about maple syrup?  Mrs. Migoski and I are making maple syrup this year.  Here is a picture of me when we tapped the maple tree in the backyard.  

The sap runs from a hole we drilled in the tree, down the tube, and into the jug.  When the jug is full, Mrs. Migoski takes the sap inside and boils it for a long time and makes a little maple syrup from a lot of sap.  It is very sweet.

Are you ready for Pajama Day on Friday? Remember, you have to turn your reading calendar in by Wednesday to be part of the fun. I am all set with my robe, jammies, slippers, and teddy bear.

I watched my Pittsburgh Penguins get crushed by the Chicago Blackhawks on TV on Saturday. Sigh...Oh well, you can't win them all.  It was neat to see them play outside while it was snowing at Soldier Field in Chicago.  

Here are the dolls that came to visit me last week:

Ally and Kit

Christina and Kit

Maurice and Kit

Kit and Isobel

Kit and Kit!!!

Kit and Kaitlyn

Lexi, Kit, Kanani, and Susan

Be good this week and try your hardest.  Only 3 more weeks until spring break.  You can do it!


Parents: Summary of February 24 - 28, 2014

Another entire week of school!  Snow and freezing rain are falling as I type this on Sunday afternoon so we shall see for next week.  It has to end sometime, right?

Fifth grade classes talked about what it is like to play the clarinet.  Next week we will focus on the saxophone.

Fourth graders continued working on the Do Wah Diddy cup game.  We should be ready to play with the cups this week.

Third graders had their one and only chance to read the Fifty Nifty song from the books with week. Next week we begin memorizing Alabama - Indiana.

Second grade classes continued working with the concept of form and the song Down Down Baby. Ask your child to use household objects to show the form ABACAC.

First graders continued to sing about frogs and got to play four different Ribbits - instruments that are carved "frog calls".

Kindergarten kids learned to play the rainstick.  Last week we played the bass drum that sounded like thunder and this week it was rain.  Maybe next week we will put it all together and create our own thunderstorm.

The Beethoven video of the week was Symphony #6, 3rd Movement.  The featured park was Chain O'Lakes State Park.

Mrs. Schwendenman's class had a popcorn party on Friday.

The kids who had been waiting all year to play their recorders finally got to get them out on Friday. Mrs. Paluch's class was especially excited since it was their first time ever to play their recorders.  Ask your child what the most important thing to remember about playing recorder is.  (Answer:  Left hand on top.)  Miss Felix's class got to take their recorders home on Thursday (sorry about the noise).  They should be practicing at home if they still want to earn their red or black belt.

Remember, your child can write to Kit the Doll at